Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 39 weeks 4 days
 Size of baby: Between 6 to 8 lbs and 19 to 21 inches long
 Weight gain: 35ish lbs
  Sex: Girl. Charlotte Rose
 Movement: Lots of kicking in my ribs. And I can feel her hiccups in my hips.
   Sleep: Ok-ish. I've been waking up a lot with contractions, or just b/c I'm hot and uncomfortable.
 Symptoms: Well, the baby in my belly :) And contractions and horrible swelling in my feet and hands.
 What I miss: Being able to put my pants on without struggling. It sounds silly, but those of you who have been pregnant know exactly what I'm talking about :)
 Cravings: Sprite. Weird.
 Aversions: White Cheese. Tea. Ranch. Meat. The usual.
  Best moment this week: Hitting the 39 week mark. Almost done!!
 What I am looking forward to: Meeting my baby girl. Ugh I can hardly stand it.
  Milestones: Well I'm dilated 1/2 cm. That's like nothing, so that was a little disappointing to hear. Hopefully my cervix will get it together, and I'll go into labor soon.
39 wks 4 days

39 wks 4 days

So I realized that you couldn't see my belly that well b/c of my sweatshirt, so Keech supervised while I took another one. Joe swears I've dropped even more, but I don't think I'm carrying that low.

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  1. Agree! You look great!! That is so exciting that you are so close. I can't even begin to imagine carrying a human being in my belly. So magical!!

  2. Thanks ladies! I'm definitely ready for baby girl to get here :)