Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding Business

So my mom called me this afternoon and informed me that the contract for our wedding has been signed. I was like wtf? She is so on it! I had totally forgotten that we hadn't done that! Ok that may sound a little to strange to some people, so I'll clarify. Yes, Joe and I are married, legally. We got married before we moved down here to Ft. Benning, BUT we haven't had our wedding yet. Our wedding day is May 12th, 2012. So, if you were to look me up on Facebook, you would need my maiden name b/c I haven't changed my name yet, and we haven't "updated" yet b/c we haven't had our wedding yet. Yeah, I know, it's kinda confusing. We got married b/c I was moving to GA with Joe, but I was not comfortable moving out of state without us being married. The Army wouldn't see things they way we did, I wouldn't have any of the benefits, etc. It just made sense. The original plan was to just not tell anybody, but then I got pregnant. And b/c I didn't want my entire extended family to have a stroke or die of a heart attack at the thought of me being an "un-wed mother", we fessed up. I also felt funny about people not knowing we were married, but that I was pregnant. Not a judgmental thing on my part, just my personal preference. I am a good southern girl after all :) So back to our wedding! We call it getting "God married". We got the legal part down, we just need the church ceremony and then it's legit. Mom went to see Tammy at the club today and got things squared away. With baby stuff pretty much taking over my life, I had totally forgotten we hadn't done our contract yet. So now that's all that's left to do is hire cake people, get the menu set, make up my mind about table decor, and decide on a dress. It's really not that much to do believe it or not! I have the dress thing narrowed down to 2 or 3, I have the decor pretty much decided, Tammy and I just have to make some final decisions, and the cake should be easy peesy. Joe is helping of course, but everyone knows the groom doesn't really care as much as the bride. Haha. The only thing he has had strong opinions on is the cake. He keeps suggesting cupcakes, but I dunno. I'm not entirely sold on the idea. So yeah. That's where we are on THAT. But once Charlotte is here, we'll be able to focus more on the wedding. Psshhhh riiight. B/c having a baby is soooo easy :)
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