Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving: Ft. Benning edition

Thanksgiving this year was a little different. Ever since I was a baby, we've gone to Charlotte, NC to my Nani and Papa's for Thanksgiving. This year, everyone came to us in GA. Can I just say how amazing it was NOT to have to make that drive?! We rented 2 cabins out at Uchee Creek, since I was not having 13 people staying in my house. No way Jose :) My family, Nani and Papa, and Joe's family came down, and it was nice having everyone in the same place for once. My mom made a bomb ass turkey btw :) I don't know what she made that rub out of, but Joe, who doesn't even like turkey, has been going on and on about it for days, and he's been eating all the leftovers. So I'd say dinner was a success. Unfortunately, I didn't go into labor, and therefore I'm still pregnant. Ugh. I'm ready to be un-pregnant. I won't go on and on about that, it'll just bum me out. Back to Thanksgiving! It was nice having everybody come to us. Mom and Dad and the boys and Heather were all able to come to our house for a little bit on the day everybody left, and that was the first time they'd ever been here. I got to show off the nursery, and just hang out with them for awhile which was fantastic. I unfortunately don't have any pictures of the weekend b/c 1. My camera sucks 2. I forgot and 3. I was lazy. At least I'm honest about it. Haha Now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm even more excited for Christmas! Not only did I get all my shopping done yesterday, but I got everything wrapped as well! Be jealous :) I can't wait to get our tree up and get the house all decorated! I hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving, and you were able to spend it with your family and sit and reflect on what you are thankful for!
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