Friday, March 23, 2012

The time I met Taylor Swift

So right before Charlotte was born, I mentioned the time I got to meet Taylor Swift. (Charlotte and Tay share a birthday b.t-dubs) I posted a pic and everything, and all the comments were demanding to know if the pic was real. Oh it's real baby. Be jealous :) So here's the story of how I got to meet my most favoritest celeb!

My bff Jessica, and her good friend Chris, his mom, and I went to her Sept. 5, 2009 show of her Fearless tour in Charlotte, NC. Jessica and I spent the many weeks before STALKING the hell out of anybody who had the opportunity to meet her, and how they did it. Our ultimate goal was to get invited to the "T-Party". This is a meet and great that she does at the end of her shows that is one on one time with her. Her "people" go around during the show looking for her biggest fans that are having the best time. It's usually anywhere from 20 to 30 people, and you get uninterrupted time to just chat or whatever with her individually. This is obviously very time consuming for her, so it says a lot about the love she has for her fans. So we get to the venue like 13 hours beforehand. Not exaggerating. Our friend Morgan had made us this incredible poster, and we camped out with it where the tour buses park. We were guaranteed to be noticed this way. We spent all day camped out here. We got to meet her yoga instructor, see Gloriana pull in, and meet her tour manager. At one point, her tour manager, I think her name was Erika, came out to give out pit passes. If you get pit passes, you don't get T-Party passes. So she came up to us, explained this, and then asked us what we wanted. She was so impressed with our dedication and poster, that she gave us a choice. Like we were going to turn down T-Party passes. Please. She told us to make sure we brought in our poster, and she would find us during the show. We were beyond thrilled! Security almost didn't let us bring it in. I freaked and was all "Um no. We were told specifically by Erika to bring this in. You need to find her and ask, she'll verify. We'll wait." If you know me, you know I'm a take charge kinda person. I'm not bitchy, just firm. I make things happen. Haha. So they found Erika, and confirmed and we were let in with our poster. We spent the entire show on our feet, and when Erika found us we nearly fainted with excitement. After the show, we met with the other lucky few and we were escorted backstage. We spent our time waiting taking pictures, freaking out, and talking to her mom Andrea. Who is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met btw. We discussed her little brother, and where he was considering attending college. Wake Forest was at the top of his list, but he ended up at Notre Dame. We were the last ones to meet her, and when it was our turn we were sooo excited! I couldn't think of anything to say and blurted out "You look so tired! Are you ok?" Dude! WTH is wrong with me?! Ugh I'm such an idiot, and will probably regret that for the rest of forever. But whatevs. She was so incredibly sweet, and talked to us like she'd known us her whole life. She signed everything we asked her too, and took as many pictures as we wanted. Just ah. It was the bast day ever, and I got to spend it with the best friends ever. The pictures don't do the day justice, but I'll post 'em anyway :) And they're all out of order for whatever reason. Sorry.
Waiting to go in

Still waiting

T-Party pass :)

Backstage in the T-Party tent

Lucky #13 bracelets that J made

OMG She's here!

Moma Swift

T-Swizzle! She really does give the best hugs <3

Our amazing poster by Morgan

Totally BFF's
They say "T-Party passes? Baby just say yes!"

C- "Having Tay tattoos is Fearless" He has a tattoo that says "Fearless" on the inside of his arm, J- "Not acting your age is Fearles", Me- "Becoming an Army wife is Fearless" Our shirts, that we made, were amazing!

This where the tour buses were. We were just trying to get noticed :)

Waiting outside. This is where Erika found us.
 Like I said, amazing! And she really is as nice as she seems, it's not an act.

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Houdini Baby

I put Charlotte in her swing this morning, like I usually do, so I could take a shower. Keep in mind she was asleep when I put her in there. Oh, and I was in there less than 10 minutes. This is what I found upon getting out:

Oh just let me slide on out of here...

Um what the what?! What am I gonna do with this little rolling pin? Gone are the days of not buckling her in. She's gonna love that :) Crazy baby.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Family Visitors

My sister and Scooter came to visit this past weekend and it was wonderful! Charlotte loved having her aunt and uncle here. It was so nice to be able to pass the baby around, and showering was bliss :) We celebrated Joe and Scooter's birthdays (Joe's is Feb. 26th & Scoot's is March 1st) and they celebrated basketball. Haha. It was nice to have them. We definitely miss them,and we're looking forward to seeing them again.

Morning nap with Aunt Heather

Go Pack!

They were singing to themselves

Making wishes haha

Happy St. Patrick's day!

She didn't want to sit down at lunch. Obviously.

Uncle Scooter is a baby hog! She loved it though.

Nom nom nom Give me your finger!

Love <3

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness

It's March Madness, and NC State has made the Sweet 16. We are beyond thrilled and excited! Go Wolfpack!!

Happy little NC State family

Cheerin on the Pack

Watching basketball

She's in the zone

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Baby's first swim

There weather has been freakishly hot lately. We decided to take advantage of the nice weather, and hit up the pool. It was Charlotte's first time and she had a blast. Her Aunt Heather was super proud :) She would float herself up on her belly and kick while I pulled her around the pool. It was fun, and now that we know she likes it, we'll be up there a lot this summer. Up next, the beach!

The beginning of our pool adventure

Don't let the face fool you, she was excited

Testing the waters

Please ignore the stupid face I'm making...

Our little guppy

We napped poolside. It's a hard knock life

On the way home

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We have a Rolly Roller!!

Charlotte has been rolling over for weeks, but I've just managed to get video of it! She freezes every time I pull out the camera, so I had to wait until she was good and distracted. 

Please ignore the crazy person in the background. She was only somewhat excited :)

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3 Months

My baby is 3 months old! Where in the world did the time go?! I don't feel like she's old enough to be this old! 

Miss Charlotte, it has been 3 months since we were blessed with your arrival, and we've loved every minute so far. Don't get me wrong, sometimes we aren't thrilled with your attitude or mood, but your just so stinking cute we can't help but laugh at you when you make a stink face.

You now weigh 12.6 pounds. My chunk! Your 24 inches long. Your still in size 1 diapers, but your well on your way to outgrowing them soon. Your still wearing most of your newborn jammies and onsies, but the cutesy outfits are toast. All your 0-3 month things fit, and girl you are stylin :)

You have recently developed a hatred for your carseat. I don't know what happened! You used to love riding in the car, but now I can't even make it out of the house before your screaming your head off. We're gonna have to figure something out before we have to drive back to NC for Easter. 

You are "playing" now. You have a butterfly and ladybug toy that hang from your carseat, and a few weeks ago you finally noticed them. You are way suspicious of that ladybug, it gets the stink eye more often than not, but boy you love that butterfly. You swat it back and forth and laugh when it bumps you in the face. You crinkle the wings, and always look at it quizzically. You also play with the hippo that hangs from your Johnny Jump Up. You also kick the ground so you can swing yourself back and forth.
Your still sleeping through the night with 1 to 2 wake ups for a snack. You never eat more than 15 minutes before you pass out again. Your a pro at "dream eating". Moma doesn't even need to pick you up anymore. You just eat right there in the bed, and when your done we go right back to sleep. Your also a pro at eating in public now. You don't fight me near as much as you used to, and we can gracefully get you going without it being a big production.
You've rolled over! Like, a bunch! And not on the bed with the help of the mattress. You've been on your belly and then out of nowhere "Flip!" right onto your back. Ah I love it! I'm trying to get it on video, but you freeze up when I pull out the camera. We're working on it.
Tummy Time is hit or miss. It usually depends on if it's close to eating time for you. We think you might crawl early though. You'll get yourself propped up and then push with your legs. You'll do this a few times until your tired or you've reached the section of blanket you were trying to get to.

You LOVE sports. Basketball right now. It's currently March Madness, and your glued to the TV with Daddy whenever a game is on. If you can't see it, you freak out. I know your technically not supposed to watch TV, but I don't think live sports are so bad. 
You also went swimming for the first time. You love the water. It exhausts you, but you love it. And you look super cute in your swimsuit so there's that. 
You talk all the time! You talk to Keech, the Boppy, the dining room chandelier, the TV, your paci, to Daddy, to me, to everything. You crack yourself up. You'll be talking to something, and you'll start giggling and laughing like a silly girl. I'll have know idea what gets you so tickled, but I can't help but laugh with you.

You are so stubborn and strong willed! I know that's sometimes used to describe a brat, but you are far from that. You know what you like, and you make it known when your expectations aren't being met. It's pretty cute, but not in a way that's obnoxious.

You love getting dressed, and crack up during the entire process. Something about putting your arms through the sleeves just pushes you over the edge. I can't help but laugh hysterically at you the entire time. You still think getting your diaper changed is funny. I'm sure part of it has to do with the fact that I talk to you like a nut.

Your growing up so fast! Take a break. We want you to be teeny tiny for a bit longer. We love you Chickapea! 
Moma & Daddy

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