Thursday, October 27, 2011

Proud Army Wife

So I need to vent for just a second. It really bothers me when other military wives bitch and moan about their husbands jobs. How hard it is, how the pay sucks, how he's always deployed, or how much he works, etc. Now the deployment thing I get. They suck, and sometimes the only thing you can do to make yourself feel better is to bitch. I did it when Joe was deployed, and I'm just saying, it totally helped me deal. But the in general bitching about the job? Totally and completely unacceptable. His job didn't change from when y'all were dating, what in the world made you think it would somehow change when you got married? And bitching to him about it? Doesn't help him at all! I just don't get it. How are you not beyond proud of your soldier? I know when I tell people what my husband does, I feel an enormous amount of pride. These women also like to bring up rank, like they somehow wear their husbands patches on their chest or something. They like to bitch that officers make more money, or the officer's wives are just bitches in general, or blah blah blah. I can't stand this! Listen, officer or not, people do not join the military for the money. And I am not a hateful bitch. When I meet other wives they have no idea what rank my husband is, and I don't ask them what rank their husband is. It is absolutely none of my business and vice versa. If I like you as a person, your husband's rank makes no difference to me. Now, if you start throwing it around or trying to "out rank" me, I'm going to stop you dead in your tracks and separate myself from you. I don't want that drama in my world, and I refuse to participate in it. I understand that some women don't think this way, and they've made the rest of us look bad. I am an enlisted airman's daughter, and an Army officer's wife. I am no better and no worse than anybody else. I wish other military wives would realize this. I hate being lumped into the "Bitchy officer's wife" group :( I feel like I've made an extra effort not to be perceived that way, and it bums me out that I don't always get credit for that just b/c of my husband's rank. I guess the point of my rant is 1. Quit bitching about your soldier's job. Get on board or get out. You just make it harder for them to do their job. 2. You are not your husband's rank, so quit acting like you are. I can guarantee he doesn't act like an ass at work, so you shouldn't at the commissary. Just two points I guess :)

Proud of my soldier :)

Current Battalion. He's shaping our future soldiers. Pretty proud of him.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Since becoming pregnant, and having the great baby name debate, I've noticed a trend that I'm not such a fan of. Now, I don't want anyone to misunderstand me, I'm not hatin, I'm just sayin. The middle name Rose has become the new Marie. I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but when I was little I noticed that most of my friends had the middle name Marie or Maria. It's a beautiful name that flows beautifully with many other names. And now I feel like Rose is becoming the new Marie. I love the name Marie, but I love my middle name Rose more. See, it's extra special. Not that other people's names aren't special, but I feel mine is extra special. I may or may not be biased :) See, my middle name is also my mother's maiden name. It's just her and my aunt, and my grandfather is an only child, so the name Rose, at least for our immediate family, stops with them. So when she gave me the middle name Rose, it was her way of carrying on her family name. Then my cousin Alison was born and she was made a Rose as well. That's when I decided that I would start a new family tradition. The first born daughter would get the middle name Rose, hence how Miss Charlotte Rose got her name. Heather's daughter will have the middle name Rose, and Alison has said she would give her first daughter the middle name Rose. Hopefully our daughters will feel as strongly about this tradition as we do, and continue it with their daughters. So here's where I start to feel territorial. And I know this is totally and completely ridiculous, trust me, I am aware of just how irrational I am being, but I don't like other people using my name! It's not even that they're using it, it's that I don't want Charlotte to feel like her name is any less special b/c she's most likely going to have a few friends with the same middle name.  Half of me is flattered (maybe not the right word to use?) that so many people love this name as much as my family and I do, and the other half is a little annoyed b/c I don't feel like it's as special to them as it is to us. See, told ya, totally irrational. Ha. I was hesitant to even say this to Joe, b/c I knew he'd think I was a crazy person, but he said he got it. Now, he may have just been being a good husband, but I think he meant it. He knows how special my family and our small traditions are to me, so I really think he understands where I'm coming from. And I hope this isn't coming across as hateful, b/c it's not. I get emotionally attached to things that most people wouldn't, and this is no exception. Oh well, I should be thrilled that more people are starting to see the beauty in the name Rose. I'm gonna work on that :)
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 34 weeks 1 day
Size of baby: A little over 5 pounds and 18 inches
Weight gain: Ok so according to the scale at the doctors office, I've gained 60 lbs but the scale at home says I've gained 27 lbs. I'm pretty sure the scale at the doctors office is WRONG b/c 1. Dr. Holdaway would've had my ass by now if I had gained 60 lbs and 2. None of my clothes would fit. I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans, and that would not be possible if I had gained 60 lbs. So I am pretty sure the scale at home is more on it.
  Sex: Girl Charlotte Rose
 Movement: All the time, especially if it's noisy
  Sleep: Betterish. It varies from night to night.
 Symptoms: Sciatic nerve pain. OMG its awful!
 What I miss: Not being pregnant. I'm officially over it :)
 Cravings: Nothing this week.
 Aversions: Meat. Tea. Ranch. The usual
 Best moment this week: She was squirming around, and Keech started giving my belly kisses. It was sweet.
  What I am looking forward to: Not being pregnant :) I am so ready to meet my baby girl!
Milestones: Her liver is almost fully developed. It's the last thing to do, other than get fat!

34 weeks

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I made a friend today :)

I made a friend today/ yesterday! Her husband just got to Joe's company this week so she's new to the area, and came to our FRG spouse's coffee yesterday. We exchanged numbers and she text me last night asking me to a playdate with her son (he's cute as snot by the way). I was like heck yeah I'll go! So our playdate that started out at the park ended up back her house, and we just talked for hours while her little man played and napped. I've had a hardish time making friends since we got here. Not necessarily b/c I'm too picky, but I'm just not super outgoing, and a lot of the women I've met here are either older than me or their kids are older than mine will be and their just busy families. So it was nice to meet someone who I feel is similar to myself, and her son is almost 2, so he's still little! Another fantastic thing came out of making a friend today! She's starting school in January and needs somebody to watch her son while she's in class, and I offered. I'm going to be home with Charlotte anyway, and she's iffy about daycares or people she doesn't know caring for her son so I said that if she would like, I'd be more than happy to watch him. So now we both benefit! I'll get a chance to see my new friend everyday for a bit, and earn a little bit of extra cash, and she'll know her son is with somebody she can trust. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about all of this :)
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Friday, October 21, 2011


So I know I've been slacking on the updating, and I don't have a good reason other than I just haven't felt like it. We haven't really had anything too terribly exciting going on either. Oh wait, that's a lie. My birthday was Friday :) That was pretty exciting! We went out to my favorite restaurant here in Columbus, and then Joe gave me a spa certificate which I was able to use yesterday on a FANTASTIC prenatal massage and facial. With the way my back has been hurting the last few weeks, the massage was definitely needed. It was nice, the only thing I would've changed was my masseuse wanted to talk to me the ENTIRE time. Don't get me wrong, she was nice, but I don't go to get a massage to talk. I want to close my eyes and drift in and out of blissful unconsciousness, but I couldn't do that this time so that was a little disappointing.  I left feeling great though, so that's what's important. Unfortunately I jacked my back up again last night putting together the crib and changing table. I didn't do any of the heavy lifting, Joe wouldn't let me of course, but just the being on the floor and then up again and then down again and then up again repeatedly just messed me up. I was walking like a little old lady when we were done. It was kinda funny. Then I may or may not have spent the rest of the night feeling sorry for myself and the phrase "What a waste of a massage" may have been muttered. But I can't be sure. I'm not one to whine or complain ;) I'll get a post with pictures about the nursery when it's all done and put together. The bedding shipped yesterday, so hopefully by the end of next week.

The battalion golf team also won their tournament on Tuesday! Joe was so cute with his trophy when he came home. It was a two day tournament with all the golf teams, and they won. He couldn't of been a prouder coach/player. They're done really well all "season" winning every tournament they've played in. I was very proud of him!

My camera sucks, so he has no face. But you can see the trophy!
Anyone have any suggestions on what kind of camera we should get? I want a really nice one so I can properly stalk my baby when she's born and have an acceptable amount of embarrassing pictures for when she's older. Help me achieve this oh so important parental goal!
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Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 33 weeks 5 days
Size of baby: We're still at a little over 4 lbs and 17.5 inches
 Weight gain: It's started to slow down, finally.
   Sex: Girl! Charlotte Rose
Movement: Not as much, but that's ok. She's getting cramped, so it's understandable
 Sleep: Better. I still wake up 3 or 4 times to readjust, but it's not as restless.
Symptoms: Hungry. My back HURTS.
  What I miss: Being able walk or stand without lower pelvic pressure. Ugh.
Cravings: Candy. Good thing Halloween is coming up :)
 Aversions: Meat. Tea.
 Best moment this week: Her hiccups! I know she's had them, but I've never been able to feel them before, and last night in bed I could feel them. It was so cute!
 What I am looking forward to: Her bedding arriving! We got the crib and changing table yesterday, so now all we need is her bedding. It's starting to feel more real. Also, her and Keech meeting.
Milestones: She's fattening up and her skin is no longer transparent. She's also starting to interact with us more. She responds to us talking to, poking, or pushing her.

33 weeks 5 days

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby Shower!

My baby shower was on Sunday! My sister is the best. She and Ms. T did a fabulous job getting everything together, and executing it all. My mom and Joe's mom helped too. It was a Dr. Seuss theme, and it turned out super stinking cute! People from preschool came, and so did some of my students, as well as friends from college and out of state, and family. It meant so much to me that all these people traveled all that way just for me and Charlotte! We got so many gifts, and so many fun and cute things, as well as essential things. We're truly blessed to have so many people in our lives that care so much about us. We don't need to buy any wipes for a looong time :)
My Seuess cake! It was delicious :) And I can't get the picture to turn, sorry.

Opening our loot.

Our haul. We are so grateful!

They came from Florida and DC for the shower. We are so loved! 
  I'll post more pictures as I get them! I know there were a bunch taken, I just have to harass everybody for them :)

p.s. My birthday is tomorrow! EEEP!

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Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 32 weeks 4 days
Size of baby: 4 pounds & 17 inches
Weight gain: It's happening. All belly though.
  Sex: Girl! Charlotte Rose
  Movement: She's still super active, it's just less jabby and more stretchy. She's obviously cramped.
  Sleep: Ehh. I have to be surrounded by pillows, and I wake up every 2 or 3 hours. Oh and the dreams are WEIRD.
 Symptoms: Hungry. Lower back pain. Kidney stones. And I'm a hormonal hot mess :)
 What I miss: Sleeping comfortably, and being able to button my jeans haha
 Cravings: Sugar.
 Aversions: Tea. Meat.
  Best moment this week: My baby shower! And getting to see everybody who came.
 What I am looking forward to: Getting the nursery done. We're ordering her crib and bedding on Friday :)

32 weeks
 Milestones: She's getting fatter! She's also preparing for delivery by flipping over head down. She's a smart baby.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Boy and His Dog

Snuggle buddies.

Having a "man talk"

They were raising the roof

They look like they were trying to eat each other, but they weren't really "trying" that hard

It's love. Told ya.

He loves to pose for pictures, believe it or not.

Joe and Keech are bff's. He loves that dog more than anything on Earth. No matter what he may tell you. Obviously demonstrated by these pictures. I may or may not have been replaced :)
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh television....

So I've been watching a lot of tv lately. Not working has left me with a limited pool of things to do, so I fill my extra time with some really good and really bad television. I've noticed that since being pregnant, shows that deal with pregnancy have started to either get on my nerves, or I'm totally hooked. For example, last night on How I Met Your Mother, Ted's know-it-all ass decided he knew more about Lily's pregnancy than her doctor did. I mean wtf Ted? He came in with some article he had found online contradicting everything her doctor had told her, and since it was on the internet, it must know better right? Ugh this annoyed me sooo much. He then informed her that "they" would be doing a natural childbirth with no medication. Oh really Ted? I was unaware that you and Lily were married, or that you were the pregnant one. He eventually learned his lesson by the end of the episode, but it still irked my nerves. Why do people, who have no business even having an opinion, seem to think they need to tell pregnant women what they should or shouldn't do? If the woman has made the decision to have a child, what makes you think her decision making skills stopped with that? Oh and A Baby Story is another one of my favorites right now. Except today I wanted to scream at the midwife on this particular episode. The mom had gone into labor and was having such horrible pain that at just 2 centimeters she was begging for an epidural. I'm talking begging! And instead of doing what the mom, who was feeling ALL the pain, wanted, this midwife, her doula, and her idiot husband kept telling her that no, she really didn't want one. She was getting sick with EVERY contraction, she couldn't breathe, it was just bad. This hateful midwife kept ignoring this woman, and her stupid husband, instead of being an advocate for his wife, just sat around looking like he was in outer space letting the midwife make medical decisions for his wife. They made the poor thing wait 16 hours before the mom finally called in a nurse on her own and told a nurse to get her an epidural. I mean what the heck? Then the same mean midwife was yelling at this woman while she was pushing. The things said, and I'm direct quoting here, were "Stop being weak and push!" "Your disappointing. This is not that hard" and "Quit being selfish and do this for your baby. Its not about you" I was livid just watching this. Had that been me, I don't know what I would've done, but I wouldn't have been pleasant and that bitch would've been fired on the spot. I mean, it's called labor for a reason. It's hard, and it hurts. This episode also upped my anxiety about not being listened too come time for labor and delivery. Luckily, Joe knows my birth plan, and he supports whatever I want to do. His exact words were "I'm not having this baby, you are. I'm not going to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, its your call. Just let me know so I can make sure everybody does what they're supposed to do." I of course cried when he said this, I'm a hormonal mess after all. After watching that other husband, it's nice to know Joe is on it and on my side :) My other tv show obsession's are Make Room for Multiples, Baby's First Day, Mike & Molly, Up All Night, pretty much anything on E!, Four Weddings, and Grey's Anatomy of course. So they're all pretty much baby related except like 3, but whatever.  Keech prefers the baby shows anyway :) I need to go clean my house now. We're leaving Thursday for NC (EEEP!) and I hate leaving a grody house b/c then that means I come home to a grody house, and that is just totally unacceptable ;)
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 31 weeks 1 day
Size of baby: 3.3 pounds & 17 inches. A squash basically :)
 Weight gain: Just know that it's happening.
 Sex: Girl! Miss Charlotte Rose
 Movement: Constantly! But it's more stretchy and less jabby.
 Sleep: Still hit or miss. I have a pillow mountain I have to have. Belly and back support. Poor Joe :(
 Symptoms: Hungry. Humongous belly. My back hurts all the time. Uncomfortable in general.
 What I miss: The little girl at Starbucks not giving me attitude when I order a frappuccino. Your 17, and not my doctor. If he says I can have caffeine, then I can. Don't give me tude, just my coffee please.
 Cravings: Mashed potatoes, and pumpkin spice frapps
 Aversions: All meats. Ranch. Tea.
 Best moment this week: We went to see Moneyball, and when the girl in the movie started to sing Charlotte started to dance. When the song ended, she stopped. Then she sang again, and she started again. My baby loves good music already :)
 What I am looking forward to: My shower on Sunday. OMG I'm so excited! And meeting her. Soooo close!
31 weeks 1 day

Milestones: Her immune system is almost fully developed. Also, her brain has most of its little grooves and squigly lines in it, more brain like. Oh. And all 5 of her senses are working now. Basically, my baby is a beast.

I'm not sure why the picture ended up in between the milestones and what I'm looking forward to, but when I move it, it deletes stuff so we're not gonna mess with it. Also, I found an outfit for my shower and I LOVE it! I'm so excited about it! I feel pretty in it, and not like a huge pregnant lady so I'm pumped!

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Finally October!

It's finally October! I feel like October means it's officially Fall, and who doesn't love Fall?! Some of my favorite things about October are:

* My birthday is this month! Does this really need more explanation?
* It's finally starting to cool off.
* Halloween!
* Only a few more weeks and Miss Charlotte will be here :)
* My baby shower is next weekend! EEEPP! So excited!
* It's October. Even the name is cool.
*  The colors. I look FANTASTIC is reds, oranges, and yellows. Just sayin...
* Boots and jeans.
* Pumpkin spice frappuccinos. Yummmm
* Junk soup and clam chowder :)
* I'm partly in charge of the battalion Halloween party. Super excited!
* Keech looks like October.

I know there's a ton more, but it's just too much to put into words. I feel that strongly about this month. Haha I mean who doesn't love this time of year? It's still warmish, but your not melting, and the Christmas shenanigans haven't started yet. It's a relaxing time. I woke up this morning so excited that it was the first. We've got 8 1/2 days until my baby shower, 13 1/2 days until my birthday, and 30 1/2 days until Halloween. So much fun this month!! And now I'm off to go find an outfit for my baby shower. I can't have my guests looking better than me, its against the rules :)
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