Monday, November 21, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 38 weeks 1 day
 Size of baby: Between 6 and 8 lbs and she's between 19 and 21 inches long.
 Weight gain: 35 lbs? Dr. Holdaway said on Wednesday he wasn't worried about it, so I'm not either.
    Sex: Girl. Charlotte Rose
  Movement: All the time! I wake up in the mornings with her little booty sticking out on my right side, and I have to push on her to get her to readjust b/c it kinda hurts :)
   Sleep: Eh. It's hard to get comfortable enough to sleep, so it's back to hit or miss.
 Symptoms: Contractions! Omg they're awful! Lower back pain, and lots of swelling in my hands and feet :(
   What I miss: Not being hot all the time! And being able to bend over or put my pants on without struggling.
  Cravings: Back to sweets.
  Aversions: Meat. Tea. Ranch. White cheese. My aversions have stayed consistent.
  Best moment this week: Just knowing that I could potentially go into labor anytime.
What I am looking forward to: Meeting my baby girl! I get more excited about who she's going to be every day.
38 weeks 1 day

38 weeks 1 day
 Milestones: She's fully cooked! And we know for sure she's head down. We had an ultrasound on Wednesday just to double check :)

I'm not sure how the picture placement got all jacked up, I tried fixing it, but it didn't work. I'll get better at this blog thing as time goes on, promise :)

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