Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy Busy

So I haven't posted anything is 2 weeks. I am such a slacker! I have good reasons though, promise :) Week before last I was sick. Some of the privates had some crud which Joe in turn brought home to me. He's so thoughtful. NOT. Stuffy nose, draining sinuses, sore throat, hacking cough, headache, you name the symptom, I had it. The cough has stuck around, but it has cleared up a little in the last day. And last week, well I was just lazy and didn't fee like posting. Last week was so busy! We had graduation and family day, and then a change of command ceremony. So I was swamped all week with one thing or another. I didn't get to do my pregnancy highlights, but I'll include pictures for 35 and 36 weeks when I do my 37 weeks update :) I'll get that done in the next day or so. I'm also going to be doing a post about the nursery b/c its practically done! Woo! I have to finish one more art project, and then get the bookshelf up, and we will officially have a nursery for Charlotte! I can't believe she'll be here in 3 weeks. Well hopefully 3 weeks. She'll probably be like both her parents and take her sweet time getting here. Her daddy was 30 days late and her moma was 2 weeks late sooooo..... It's not looking good for me. Haha. But I just wanted to do a quick update, and let y'all know that yes we are alive, and give you an idea of what what was coming up. I'll update again tomorrow.
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  1. Glad you are feeling better, girl!!!! I can't believe Charlotte will be here in 3 are SO close:)