Monday, October 3, 2011

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 31 weeks 1 day
Size of baby: 3.3 pounds & 17 inches. A squash basically :)
 Weight gain: Just know that it's happening.
 Sex: Girl! Miss Charlotte Rose
 Movement: Constantly! But it's more stretchy and less jabby.
 Sleep: Still hit or miss. I have a pillow mountain I have to have. Belly and back support. Poor Joe :(
 Symptoms: Hungry. Humongous belly. My back hurts all the time. Uncomfortable in general.
 What I miss: The little girl at Starbucks not giving me attitude when I order a frappuccino. Your 17, and not my doctor. If he says I can have caffeine, then I can. Don't give me tude, just my coffee please.
 Cravings: Mashed potatoes, and pumpkin spice frapps
 Aversions: All meats. Ranch. Tea.
 Best moment this week: We went to see Moneyball, and when the girl in the movie started to sing Charlotte started to dance. When the song ended, she stopped. Then she sang again, and she started again. My baby loves good music already :)
 What I am looking forward to: My shower on Sunday. OMG I'm so excited! And meeting her. Soooo close!
31 weeks 1 day

Milestones: Her immune system is almost fully developed. Also, her brain has most of its little grooves and squigly lines in it, more brain like. Oh. And all 5 of her senses are working now. Basically, my baby is a beast.

I'm not sure why the picture ended up in between the milestones and what I'm looking forward to, but when I move it, it deletes stuff so we're not gonna mess with it. Also, I found an outfit for my shower and I LOVE it! I'm so excited about it! I feel pretty in it, and not like a huge pregnant lady so I'm pumped!

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