Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh television....

So I've been watching a lot of tv lately. Not working has left me with a limited pool of things to do, so I fill my extra time with some really good and really bad television. I've noticed that since being pregnant, shows that deal with pregnancy have started to either get on my nerves, or I'm totally hooked. For example, last night on How I Met Your Mother, Ted's know-it-all ass decided he knew more about Lily's pregnancy than her doctor did. I mean wtf Ted? He came in with some article he had found online contradicting everything her doctor had told her, and since it was on the internet, it must know better right? Ugh this annoyed me sooo much. He then informed her that "they" would be doing a natural childbirth with no medication. Oh really Ted? I was unaware that you and Lily were married, or that you were the pregnant one. He eventually learned his lesson by the end of the episode, but it still irked my nerves. Why do people, who have no business even having an opinion, seem to think they need to tell pregnant women what they should or shouldn't do? If the woman has made the decision to have a child, what makes you think her decision making skills stopped with that? Oh and A Baby Story is another one of my favorites right now. Except today I wanted to scream at the midwife on this particular episode. The mom had gone into labor and was having such horrible pain that at just 2 centimeters she was begging for an epidural. I'm talking begging! And instead of doing what the mom, who was feeling ALL the pain, wanted, this midwife, her doula, and her idiot husband kept telling her that no, she really didn't want one. She was getting sick with EVERY contraction, she couldn't breathe, it was just bad. This hateful midwife kept ignoring this woman, and her stupid husband, instead of being an advocate for his wife, just sat around looking like he was in outer space letting the midwife make medical decisions for his wife. They made the poor thing wait 16 hours before the mom finally called in a nurse on her own and told a nurse to get her an epidural. I mean what the heck? Then the same mean midwife was yelling at this woman while she was pushing. The things said, and I'm direct quoting here, were "Stop being weak and push!" "Your disappointing. This is not that hard" and "Quit being selfish and do this for your baby. Its not about you" I was livid just watching this. Had that been me, I don't know what I would've done, but I wouldn't have been pleasant and that bitch would've been fired on the spot. I mean, it's called labor for a reason. It's hard, and it hurts. This episode also upped my anxiety about not being listened too come time for labor and delivery. Luckily, Joe knows my birth plan, and he supports whatever I want to do. His exact words were "I'm not having this baby, you are. I'm not going to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, its your call. Just let me know so I can make sure everybody does what they're supposed to do." I of course cried when he said this, I'm a hormonal mess after all. After watching that other husband, it's nice to know Joe is on it and on my side :) My other tv show obsession's are Make Room for Multiples, Baby's First Day, Mike & Molly, Up All Night, pretty much anything on E!, Four Weddings, and Grey's Anatomy of course. So they're all pretty much baby related except like 3, but whatever.  Keech prefers the baby shows anyway :) I need to go clean my house now. We're leaving Thursday for NC (EEEP!) and I hate leaving a grody house b/c then that means I come home to a grody house, and that is just totally unacceptable ;)
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