Saturday, October 22, 2011

I made a friend today :)

I made a friend today/ yesterday! Her husband just got to Joe's company this week so she's new to the area, and came to our FRG spouse's coffee yesterday. We exchanged numbers and she text me last night asking me to a playdate with her son (he's cute as snot by the way). I was like heck yeah I'll go! So our playdate that started out at the park ended up back her house, and we just talked for hours while her little man played and napped. I've had a hardish time making friends since we got here. Not necessarily b/c I'm too picky, but I'm just not super outgoing, and a lot of the women I've met here are either older than me or their kids are older than mine will be and their just busy families. So it was nice to meet someone who I feel is similar to myself, and her son is almost 2, so he's still little! Another fantastic thing came out of making a friend today! She's starting school in January and needs somebody to watch her son while she's in class, and I offered. I'm going to be home with Charlotte anyway, and she's iffy about daycares or people she doesn't know caring for her son so I said that if she would like, I'd be more than happy to watch him. So now we both benefit! I'll get a chance to see my new friend everyday for a bit, and earn a little bit of extra cash, and she'll know her son is with somebody she can trust. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about all of this :)
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