Monday, September 5, 2011

Barely Breathing and Paisley Bedding

I've been a slacker with the blog the last week and a half, and I'm going to continue to be until this STUPID cold goes away. I can't breathe, and just feel crudy in general, so I just don't have the motivation to deal with anything until further notice. Pregnancy apparently hates me :) But soooo totally worth it. But we're still alive, in case you were worried. We went home to NC this past week, so that's another reason I didn't update anything. A week isn't nearly long enough. I miss my mom and sister entirely way too much than I'm willing to deal with, so the drive back to GA is always a cry fest until we hit the SC border. This particular meltdown was especially bad. The words "I hate stupid Georgia" and "I hate that stupid apartment" may have been uttered a few times.... I'm sure being sick and just a hormonal hot mess in general didn't help. Mom did manage to help me get it together and finally pick our nursery bedding. I've been struggling with this for months, and she finally made me look and look until I found something I loved, and Joe likes it too, so its the one we're going with. And I have a super cute, but secret squirrel idea for what to put on the wall, since we aren't painting. I want to get it done before I tell anybody about it so everyone can marvel at how awesome and creative I am haha But I'll get a bigger post, with lots of pictures, on here in a day or two. For now, I'm going to curl back up on the couch with my dog, and box of tissues and hope and pray that this damn cold GOES AWAY!
Baby Charlotte's nursery bedding.Too stinking cute <3

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  1. hope you feel better Amber! and that bedding is sooooo stinkin cute!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE her bedding! So sorry you're sick, hope you feel better soon!