Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh yeah, I'm still pregnant Part 2

27 Weeks
So I'm going to attempt to write this blog entry again. I was so angry last night when it got deleted twice, all by itself, I couldn't even think straight. Ridiculous, I know, but whatever. So here we go again!

Yesterday I woke up and the "I HAVE to get EVERYTHING done NOW" feeling of dread has kicked in. I feel like I should still have a few weeks before I start to feel like this, but apparently I was wrong. I felt like if I didn't at least start packing our hospital bags, then my head was going to explode. I know, I know, those aren't supposed to be packed until like 33 weeks, but I don't care. So I went to some stores and started to get all the necessities. I went to Walmart (HATE this place) for all our toiletries. They have the best deals on the travel size things, and since I'll only be in the hospital 3 days, they're the perfect size and amount. So I got everything Joe and I will need and got that all packed in these little toiletry bags that I got an awesome deal on. Love getting things on sale :) Then I went to Target (LOVE this place) for my "I just had a baby" wardrobe. I seriously made out like a bandit on this trip! I got 2 pairs of pj pants, 1 pair of pj shorts, 3 tank tops, 2 nursing tanks, socks and panties, a very nice AND flattering short robe, slippers, and shower shoes for practically nothing! I know a lot of other articles and blogs say not to bring your own clothes b/c everything will be gross, but I'm way too vain for that and I have no problem admitting it. There will be pictures taken, and people coming to visit, and I want to look like a human being. A few other things that I'm bringing that have been suggested by my favorite blogger Amalah, that aren't necessarily required, are:
1. Dry shampoo for right after labor and delivery since you won't be able to take a shower until 24 hours later. This I will for sure be using since I'll most likely have yucky greasy hair, and I don't want that in my pictures.
2. Organic Mother's Milk herbal tea from GNC. If you plan on breastfeeding like I do, this helps give your body a boost in milk production. I mean, your body is going to do it either way, this just gives you a little extra oomph. It's like a vitamin.
3. A sleep mask. I can't sleep if there is light anywhere, so this will help since hospitals tend to leave lights on no matter what.
4. Hairspray. Don't judge me. My hair sucks.
5. Ponds face wipes. I always feel better if my face is clean, and this will be much easier than trying to wash my face in a hospital sink.

I'm sure there will be more, and I'll update as I go. I googled and searched all my favorite mommy blogs for the Must Haves, the Might Wants, and the Leave At Home lists, and they seem to mostly agree. A few things from the Leave at Home list will probably make it into our bags, but that's ok. We're first timers, so I don't think anybody will be judging us too harshly :) And if they do, well they suck anyway. So whatever. There is still a long list of things we have to get, but I have some time. The doom feeling has subsided some since I got most of the necessities. I mean, if we had to leave for the the hospital now, we could.

I've also been reading A LOT of other mommy blogs. It's become my new obsession. I can't help it! I love reading their stories about their babies, things that do and don't work for them, their lives, and everything else they write about. I feel like I know them. It's not as psycho as it sounds, promise :) But I learn a lot from each of them for different reasons, and it's nice to know there are other people out there who feel the same way I do about some things, and of they don't, their reasons why they feel the way they do. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Amalah's blog. She is beyond hilarious, and so honest, and just so relatable. Her boys are also super stinking cute, and I love to read about them. Some of the other mommys I like to read have done this "Pregnancy Highlights" questionnaire and it's the same one Brook does, so I don't feel like such a copy catter by doing it :) So I think I'm going to start doing it this week and go from there. It should be fun! But that's it for us for now! Now for some pictures! Woo!!

27 weeks from the front. And Keech being nosy.

All of our hospital loot so far. All neatly folded and organized, just waiting to be put in a bag.

The list of things we still DON'T have. No joke. This having a baby thing is serious business.

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