Monday, March 11, 2013

Walk Squeakily & Carry a Big Stick

The weather was GORGEOUS here in GA yesterday. It was 75 degrees, sunny, and a light breeze. Perfect would sum it up pretty well. We were itching to get out of the house and do something, anything outside. Usually we go downtown and put the bebe in the jogging stroller and run, but we decided to switch it up and go to the park.

Flat Rock Park is one of the most beautiful parks I've seen. Lots of woods, walking, biking, and hiking trails, playgrounds spread out and about, and there's a creek that goes through the entire park that you can splash around in. This was our second visit. The first time we went, I was 3 years pregnant and we were trying to walk out that baby of ours. (As y'all know, that didn't work. Ha!)

We decided to get a bottle of wine, and snacks for the bebe, and go hang out by the water and walk around the park. It was wonderfully relaxing. Charlotte found her first stick, and proceeded to play with that for hours. We couldn't go anywhere without her stick in one hand. She's pretty silly :) We walked and explored for awhile, and then splashed around in the water for a bit before we decided to head home. It was a great way to spend a Sunday! In definitely going to miss these little family outings when we move back to NC. They'll be harder to come by with our own families living minutes always ;)

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