Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Itchy Feet

So I still have a rash. And now it's on the bottom of my feet. UGH So annoying. And my hands are super swollen. My knuckles have dimples. Ridiculous. I can barely wear my wedding rings b/c of this. I haven't had any swelling of any kind until this dumb rash. I don't want to to not wear my rings. I love them! I also feel weird being visibly pregnant and not wearing my rings. I dunno, it just makes it feel extra weird. Some books and websites have suggested wearing them on a necklace so they're still close to my heart, but I dunno. I told Joe I was gonna go out and get some fake rings if it gets to the point where I can't wear mine. I got the idea from Brook, from the time she wore a fake ring to the beach. I thought it was genius :) BUT one upside to looking like a lizard, I get to soak in the tub and read books. I tried an oatmeal bath last night, a throw back to the chicken pox days. It looked disgusting, and felt slimy, but it kinda helped. And now there's like 3 bowels worth of oatmeal in the bottom of our tub. It's not like we eat oatmeal anyway, so whatever.
Turns out my mom did the same thing when she was pregnant with me, and it didn't go away until I was born. So that's kinda sucky. Joe's mom did too when she was pregnant with him, but hers only lasted about 2 weeks. So we shall see where I end up.

We got to see Charlie today! We had to go in for a follow up ultrasound. We decided not to say anything to anybody until we had the follow up today, but at our 20 weeks ultrasound the tech noticed something funky about her heart. She said it looked like there was a possible calcification of the papillary muscle. We don't know how serious this is, we resisted the urge to Google. We didn't want to get worked up over something that may or may not happen, and it's not like it would have changed anything, so no Goggling. It was hard, but I managed to resist the urge. The tech said it was very common, that is was something they saw in almost every baby, but they would need to do a follow up in 4 weeks. If there was any kind of change in those 4 weeks, then there was a problem. So instead of causing mass panic for us and for our families, we decided we were going to keep this to ourselves until after today's appointment. Turns out she's fine. Her little heart is just a growing and pumping like it should. She made it difficult to see anything, as usual. It's like she knows we're trying to look at her, so she flops and squirms as much as possible. And every time the wand went over my belly, she would kick it. I mean actually kick it and move it. She apparently doesn't like being looked at. It was definitely cool to see and feel her kick at the same time though. We can't wait for our little wiggle worm to get here!

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