Tuesday, August 9, 2011

23 Weeks & New Furniture

We got new furniture!!  So this is something we had been talking about for a LONG time. Like, since we bought our house. So yeah. Our old living room furniture was good, and FREE, so we of course loved it. I even painted it and got new cushions, and just made it "beachier" than when we got it. It was the old furniture that was in Joe's play room growing up. His dad got this furniture before he had even met his mom. So its old, but that just shows what quality furniture it is that its lasted so long. But its not very baby friendly, or comfortable for long term sitting, and sleeping on it isn't exactly a great idea. So we got new stuff!!

Joe and Keech LOVE the new couch :)

Joe's favorite part? The ottoman tray. Its all he's talked about since we picked the couch out. Haha

The "Charlie needs to eat" Chair. It was chosen for the specific purpose of nursing. Who says we don't think ahead?

Old yucky couch :(

Old yucky chair. Not Charlie friendly.

So as you can see, total step up! We love it! We can lay on the couch at the same time if we want, I can lay across the chair if I want, Keech likes to perch on the ottoman when the tray isn't in his way, and it can slept on if needed. I think its pretty awesome. And its fluffy :)

 Now Charlie updates! So we are now 23 weeks as of Sunday. Her ears are now officially working. She can hear things, and decide if she likes that particular sound or not. Apparently big noises can scare her. So Joe has been talking to my belly more so she knows him too :) Also, she has taste buds and swallow now. Essentially she can taste everything I eat, so I expect hateful kicks if there's something that isn't up to her standards. And this apparently is the time when most women start to swell. Everyone is trying to convince me that my legs and ankles are swollen. I can assure that they're not. I have ALWAYS had cankles. I like to think its from years of dance classes and soccer, but we know that's not true. I'm actually starting to get a bit offended by it. Its like someone coming up to me and going "Woa! Your huge! When are you due again?" I lump those in the same category. Ugh. I usually just smile and go "No, I've always had cankles. I appreciate the concern though, thanks!" Its never sarcastically, and always with a smile :) People just don't think sometimes I think. Also, Keech is protesting this baby thing I think. I did a huge load of baby clothes the other day and put them in the basket and took them into Charlie's room to just sit until we have a dresser, and this is what I found:

I think the original baby is protesting the new baby. This isn't the first time this has happened either. Her bassinet is always under heavy scrutiny. It's constantly getting sniffed and given the stink eye. Hopefully he'll get it together. And Joe felt her kick Sunday night. It was a HUGE kick! I'm talking it could've been seen had Joe's hand not been there. It was crazy. She's never kicked that hard before! He got to feel her 2 more times, which was so exciting! I'm obsessed with him feeling her. I don't know why, I just get so excited when she's squirming around and he's right there so feel it. I think I get more worked up over than he does haha

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