Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy, Busy Weekend


We had such a busy weekend! It started out on Wednesday with Joe and I having a few "beers" He of course got to have the real stuff, and I drank a whole bottle of apple juice. They look the same, so it totally counts :)

  Then Kristen came down Thursday night for Brian's pass on Friday. Brian's in Ranger School, and after so many weeks all the guys get an 8 hour pass to restock supplies, sleep, and eat real food. It's a nice little break for them after what I can only guess is hell. I don't camp under the best of circumstances, I'm talking cabins, beds, electricity, etc. and these guys basically live outside the entire time and live off of MRE's. I don't know how they do it. So we picked up Brian Friday afternoon, and he was totally surprised to see Kristen. He had no idea she was going to come down, and she didn't either until Wednesday night. They went off and did their own thing, while Joe and I went off and had lunch and ran some errands. We didn't want to mess with their short time together, and we didn't want to watch them be all cute and shit :) Afterwards she dropped him back off and stayed with us Friday night. It was good to see them both, and it was nice to spend some time with Kristen getting to know her. She's so sweet, and funny. Then later that afternoon Jake called and said he, Scooter, Steve, and Brandon were going to Atlanta to go to a Braves game, and wanted to know if Joe and I wanted to meet them up there. Joe definitely wanted to go, but I was kind of hesitant at first. My pregnant ass did not want to go to a baseball game. I don't even like baseball! But Joe talked me into it, and I really wanted to see everybody. Then Scooter thought they would just find a hotel when they got there. Pshhh please! Silly boy. So I called Dad and got his Marriott elite member number so we could earn him some points, and got some hotel rooms. This left us withe the "Where is Keech gonna stay?" dilemma. Ok, I'll admit it, I am one of those slightly psycho pet parents. I am VERY protective of my dog. I don't like other people yelling at him, or telling him what to do, or disciplining him. I know, he's a dog. But he's my dog and I love him :) So Joe talked me into boarding him at this place here called Preppy Pets. Apparently a lot of the people he works with use it, and they love it so he decided that's where he'd go for the night. Ahh I was freaking out. My baby's has never been boarded before! The only other place he's ever stayed without me is at my parents house. Ugh I was having major guilt about putting him up somewhere. So I packed his bag, put his blankie, treats, and some toys and leashed him up and off we went. We got there and he went nuts. He was sniffing everything, and trying to get to the other dogs to play. They took him and he was fine. WTH?! So then I go into explaining his routine, his play level, blah blah blah and the guys is like "yeah, ok crazy lady" even though they were questions on the form, so whatever. So I leave, and I am feeling major mom guilt. I called my mom and sister to kinda freak out, and they both told me I was a psycho and that he's a dog. They just don't understand. Turns out he was fine. And there were cameras so I could get online and check on him whenever I wanted. He acted a little put out when I went to pick him up actually. So we left for Atlanta right after that. We got there and checked in, and since my dad is such a baller with the Marriott we got free snacks delivered to our room. This was awesome! I mean, it had been a whole hour and a half since I'd last eaten so I of course was STARVING. We then proceeded to wait around for like 4 hours waiting on the guys to get there. Once they finally got there, we immediately left for the game. We didn't have tickets, and ended up getting super scammed by some ticket scalpers. The guys ended up paying $20 a piece for $3. tickets. It was pretty funny. Its funnier when the boys tell the story, I just don't do it justice. The game itself was pretty fun. I had never been to an MLB game before, so it was fun for me. I might consider doing it again. Afterwards, we all went back to the hotel and I got in bed while the guys went out. I don't know what went down, but they all seemed to have had a good time. There was an empty case of beer and two empty pizza boxes in the morning, so I'm assuming everybody had a good time. We had lunch, and then Joe and I went home while the other boys went to the PGA Championship thing. I think that's what it was... Joe kinda wanted to go just to spend time with everybody, but he didn't want to drag me around a golf course with it being a million degrees outside. I was grateful for that. the rest of Sunday was spent laying on the couch. No joke. We got home and immediately flopped onto the couch and didn't move until it was time for bed. I was exhausted after going going going for four days straight. Pregnancy has made me super lazy! Haha Here are some pictures from the trip to Atlanta.

This is how Keech spent his Sunday after pick up. He was apparently exhausted from his hard day of playing.

Our sweet spread from the hotel. Brie, crackers, fruit, pretzels, beer, and water.

The game. We had good seats. We could see everything!

Baby updates!! Ok so we are now 24 weeks along. Which means her lungs are developed enough that, if anything were to happen and she had to be born early, she could survive outside of the womb. Lots of medical help of course, but its kind of reassuring to me and actually takes some stress away. Her ears are done growing and where they're supposed to be, and he fingernails are done growing as well. Her lungs are now secreting something called "surfactant", which helps her lungs inflate. By the end of the week she should be 2 pounds and 14 inches long. She's definitely a baby. And I definitely look pregnant. Almost all of my early signs of pregnancy are gone. I still feel sick every now and then, but for the most part I feel normal again. I am hungry ALL the time though. Its beyond ridiculous how hungry I am these days. I feel like I'm eating all the time, but so far it hasn't caused any problems. My weight gain has been slow, but steady and right on track. Not too much, not too little. So that's good. I recently started worrying about stretch marks and if there was anything I could do to prevent them. Turns out, unless your genetically gifted, your gonna get 'em. A good way to tell is to look at your mom, and if she got 'em, your gonna get 'em. Creams and lotions don't work. Which makes me feel better since I'm allergic to cocoa butter and can't use it anyway. According to my doctor, the only way to reduce the likely hood of getting them is to stay active and drink lots and lots of water. So, today stated my new daily routine of pre-natal yoga. Its supposed to help with labor and dealing with the pain too, so there's lots of pros to this yoga thing. I'll let ya know how it goes.  

Here's the first "bump" picture. There's definitely a baby in there :)

 photo chickapeasiggy_zpsaf5931e6.png

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