Saturday, February 4, 2012

For the love of boy bands

The hubs and I noticed something tonight, and it has us kind of sad and concerned for future generations.

What the hell happened to all the bay bands?!

I don't know about y'all, but I happened to be a HUGE, ENORMOUS Backstreet Boys fan. I mean like woa. I was convinced, I'm talking CONVINCED, I was going to marry Nick Carter. Um hello delicious blonde boy of my dreams. It was love <3

We spent a good chunk of our Saturday night on YouTube listening to all of our favorites from our "youth". Who doesn't remember drawing a line in the sand when it came to the BSB vs. N*SYNC battle? You couldn't like both. It wasn't allowed, and you couldn't be friends with someone who liked the opposing band. It just wasn't tolerated. At least not at my school :) I'll leave you with the delciousness of my childhood. I don't know if I want my daughter growing up in a world without boy bands :)
Oh for the love of Nick Carter. Swoon.
Who wasn't in love with Nick Lachey?

The enemy. I mean N*SYNC

Who could forget O Town? They had some delightfully cheesy pop songs 

This is quite possibly the best BSB song ever. Just saying.

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  1. LOVED BSB. We probably would have had a big competition in middle school cause I was convinced Nick was mine too hahaha

  2. BSB ALL THE WAY!!! And yes, you had to pick sides. You couldn't be fans of both BSB and N'Sync! I almost thought about having a BSB song played at the wedding, for old times sake :) and that song is one of my favorites!