Friday, February 3, 2012

Airplanes & Babies

Charlie and I had to take an impromptu trip home to NC last week. Turns out our tenants we had living in our house not only just up and abandoned the house, but they destroyed it too. UGH. Carpets are ruined, there's holes in the walls, and doors are missing. It's ridiculous. And according to the neighbors, she was running an escort service out of the house. They also informed us that she had an ad on Craig's List renting the house out, and some woman showed up with a UHaul to move in. I'm glad the neighbors saw and stopped her. Just ugh. So the baby and I flew home so we could file charges, and now we're dealing with that. Drama. Hopefully we'll get it all resolved soon, and can get new tenants in that will take care our house until we're back next May.

I was terrified to fly with Charlie. I was scared she was going to be that baby, but she did great! We got to the Atlanta airport at 5am and she slept the whole time. We left our house at 3.30 and she slept the whole drive too. Our flight got cancelled, and then the new one kept getting delayed, and I was so sure she was going to wake up and lose her shit. She woke up once while we were waiting, but I nursed her and she went right back to sleep. I was nervous to feed her in public, but she was cooperative and it was fine. We finally got to get on the plane, and a really nice guy helped me. I had her, her car seat, stroller, boppy, my bag and her diaper bag, so basically I was a gypsy. I didn't know how I was going to maneuver all that stuff but a guy on the flight offered to help. He was really nice, and it turned out that his wife had traveled alone with their daughter and no one had helped her, so he wanted to make sure he helped out a mom if he ever saw one. The flight only had like 15 people on it, so she stayed in her carseat in the seat next to me. She woke up the last 20 minutes of the flight, and she was just talking and smiling the whole time. She made the funniest faces when we were descending. She got pissy when we were waiting on Gabbie and Poppie to pick us up, but then she was all giggles and smiles when they got there. Go figure.

First airplane ride

The trip back was a whole nother story. Both flights were entirely full, so she had to ride in my lap. That meant she got woken up when I took her out of her carseat. Then everybody kept commenting on how cute she was and "Oh look at the baby!" but did anyone offer the help me as I struggled to hold her and get my bags in an overhead bin? Of course not. I know you see me struggling b/c your talking about my baby. I do not expect anyone to help me, but don't sit there and talk about me having a hard time and not offer to help. It's just rude. She also screamed the the whole time before take off and 10 minutes after. She only stopped when I was able to feed her. That took a lot maneuvering, but we figured it out. I kinda felt bad she was crying, but then I didn't b/c she's a baby. She can't help when she's upset, and crying is how she communicates. They were all talking, so she was too. Once she got to eat though, she fell asleep immediately afterwards and it was pretty pleasant from there. We were both very happy when we landed. She lit up when she saw Daddy. It was sweet, especially since she usually isn't that happy with him. We were both happy to be home. We definitely missed Daddy and Keech. But this trip also made me miss NC, and I can't wait til we're back.

Charlie & Traveling Rosie. Since Poppie goes on lots of trips around the world for his job, he won't get to see Charlie as much as everybody else. So Traveling Rosie goes with Poppie on all his trips and takes pictures and brings back goodies, and then she magically "appears" in her house (aka I put her back) and she tells Charlie all about her trip with Poppie. I'll go more into detail when she gets back from her first trip. She's currently in North Dakota, and then she'll go straight to Japan and then Korea.

She loves her Gabbie (my mom)

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