Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2 Months

Charlie girl, 
I can't believe you are already 2 months old. Where did the time go?! It's been 9 weeks since you graced us with your presence, and it's been the best 9 weeks of our lives. 

You had your 2 month well baby check up yesterday and you did great! You weren't exactly thrilled with your shots, but you were right as rain afterwards. When the nurse stuck you with the first needle, your eyes got HUGE and it took about 20 seconds for you to register what just happened, but when it finally clicked you were pissed! You turned as red as a stop sign, and SCREAMED. But when he took the needle out, you stopped crying and sucked that paci like it was going out off style. We repeated that process 2 more times. Fun stuff.

You now weigh 10.9 lbs. and are 58 cm. long, and your head is just as big as ever. Your a bit of a chunk, but your my favorite chunk :)

Your wearing size 1 diapers, and your clothes are newborn to 3 months. Some of your newborn things still fit, but we're pushing it with others. All the onsies and jammies are good, but those cutesy outfits may not make it much longer. Your 3 month things are a tad big, but I think you'll be in them for awhile. You still hate hats with a fiery passion, but you wear a hairbow everyday and you don't mind them at all. You have more hairbows than I know what to do with, but I'm still going to buy them for you whenever I see one you can't live without. 

You have rolled over 2 more times since the last time I bragged on you about it. I can't believe it! It didn't scare you or anything, but you wouldn't let me put you back on your belly afterwards, and you held my hand tight for awhile after. So I think you were a little freaked out. 

You love to sit up. You are such a nosy rosy and you hate laying on your back in certain places b/c you can't see anything. You'll fuss and squirm forever until we sit you up, or prop you on your Boppy and then your right as rain. You hold your head up all the time now. I was super impressed when you could do that from day one, but now you never put it down unless your about to fall asleep.

You laugh and smile ALL the time. We don't even have to tickle your nose or lips anymore to get a grin. You think getting your diaper changed is the funniest thing ever. And you flirt with Daddy all the time. You get this big grin that makes your eyes squinty, and you turn your head to the side, and you pull your hands up under your chin, and it's pretty obvious your flirting. It's got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Your still not a fan of bottles, and that suits Moma just fine. We've only had to give you one a few times when we're places I'm not comfortable breast feeding you. Your always clearly annoyed when it's offered to you, but you only fight me a few minutes. Besides, I hate busting into my freezer stash so if you don't like bottles, it won't break my heart.

Your first Valentine's day was a success. You looked cute as a button in your little tutu, and Daddy gave you your first chocolate. Gabbie sent you the cutest St. Patrick's day outfit and GK sent you super cute hairbows. You racked up as usual.

You are such a good sleeper! You've been sleeping 11pm-7am consistently since you were 5 weeks old, and you take a 4 to 5 hour nap everyday at 11am, with small little cat naps here and there. You definitely get your sleeping habits from your daddy. Like him, you could probably sleep through a bomb explosion. Like Moma, you talk in your sleep. Every time you exhale you let out a little squeak. It's beyond adorable. 
When you get mad or upset, all you want is your moma and your paci. I usually don't get to you as quickly as you would like, so you shove your fist in your mouth to calm yourself down. Sometimes you stick your fingers down your throat and choke yourself and then you pull your hand out and look at it like "dude wth?!" It cracks me up every time.

We love you so much baby girl! I'm so excited to see you grow, but I'm gonna need for you to slow down. You already have such a strong personality. I can just tell your going to be a sweet girl. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us this month! We love you more than anything in the whole wide world!
XOXO, Moma & Daddy

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  1. hahahaa this cracked me up. especially the part about her choking herself and then being like "wth?!?!" still as adorable as ever! i love seeing new pics of her! :) love you!