Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby's first Coke

Last weekend we met Joe's parents in Atlanta for a mini vacay. It was nice to get away and see them, and to also have some babysitters. Let me tell you, a shower without having to rush was bliss. We got to go to the Coca-Cola Factory and take that tour, which was just as much fun the second time for Joe and me as it was being the first for his parents. We missed the Aquarium b/c the line was insane, but I'm confident it won't be the last time we visit Atlanta. Charlotte even got to try a drop of coke. She didn't hate it, but she also wasn't smacking her lips for more. We also had the opportunity to eat at The Varsity which is a Georgia Tech. staple, and has been featured on Man Vs. Food. We had such a fun weekend, and we're looking forward to our next trip.

Charlotte & Grandpa

The baby is in the pouch :)

One of the Coca-Cola characters

Little family

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  1. OMG THAT IS THE CUTEST FAMILY PHOTO EVER! I can't wait to see y'all again! Miss you and Joe Joe and little Charlie (that I also can't wait to meet)!! Love you!