Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas, New Year, and other things

Every tine I even think about getting on the computer, Charlotte looses her effing mind. I don't understand how at 3 weeks old she can already read my mind. She's currently sleeping in my left arm which is how I'm even able to type this lovely post. And I'm typing with one hand b/c I'm a multi-tasking beast :) I've only been a mom for 3 weeks and I'm already a pro... Riiiight. It's just going to take a million years to type.

Anyway so Christmas and the New Year were great! We got to spend lots of time with our families, and Santa was very good to us. We were able to go up to Lincolnton and see Joe's grandparents, aunt and uncle, and great aunt and great uncle. We even got a chance to meet Mitch and Mari for breakfast. We haven't seen them since this summer so were excited to see them, and they were the first of our friends to see the baby. She slept the whole time, but they got to look at her :) We also got to see my family in Charlotte which was great. I definitely miss seeing them every few weeks. I wish we would've had time to see more people, but there just wasn't enough time. Hopefully we can see more people the next time we're home. We came home to GA before the New Year. We wanted to beat traffic and have a few days for just our little family before Joe had to go back to work. Our celebration consisted of me falling asleep in the arm chair nursing the baby and waking up literally 15 seconds before midnight, and Joe and Keech asleep in the recliner. We're pretty hardcore. New babies are exhausting. Sheesh.

So that was our holiday vacation. And Charlotte's newborn pictures came. Some are pretty questionable. Not that the model really knew what she was doing :)

Don't take my paci.

What's up?

Blowing kisses.

Just over it.

Um... Where's my paci?!

There it is. I'm watching you people now....

See? Questionable. There's more but these are the "best". And I of course purchased every one.
 photo chickapeasiggy_zpsaf5931e6.png

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