Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stage 5 Clinger Baby

Don't let this sweet face fool you. She's a tad bit monsterish.
I love my daughter. I could spend hours just staring or talking to her. She's probably the cutest baby EVER.
But damn, I can't get anything done!
I'll get her to sleep, and lay her down thinking I'm sneaky, and I won't take 2 steps before she's screaming for me. I actually had to wheel her bassinet into the bathroom today. I love that she loves me so much and doesn't want to be away from me, but jeeeezz. I just wanna brush my teeth in peace. I need a sling. Any suggestions as to which one I should get? I have one that's like a pouch, but she's so nosy she pulls her way out of it so I end up having to use both hands just to keep her in. Help! Moma needs both her hands.

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  1. thanks for the kind words. We are back in swaddle land tonight. O is sleeping and this tired mama is headed to bed soon too. :) As for a wrap suggestion, I was gifted a wrap similar to the Moby but I have to say, O doesn't love it. Same thing happened to me when she was little but I found that she just loved movement so her swing was our best friend!!! If I laid her down in the pack and play she hated it. She took naps in her swing for the first 4 ish months. Also, your birth story sounds VERY similar to mine. And O was born at 5:03 as well! :) I look forward to reading more.

  2. Must say your little angel is adorable. I was going to tell you the sling thing didn't quite work out like I wanted it to for Jordan he was a very upset baby for this substitute mom over here. He had the lip and all. But the swing is his best friend along with the bouncer as long as it is front of something that talks or plays music. Then he's ok. Congrats again and someone will be a month old tomorrow!!