Friday, January 13, 2012

1 Month Old

You were telling me to quit taking your picture.

I had to hoot and holler like a monkey to get this grin

You were no longer impressed with my shenanigans

Keech was barking and you were clearly annoyed

You definitely look like daddy in this picture
We've survived the first month of Charlotte :)

Charlie girl, you will be officially one month old at 5:03 this evening. I can't believe it's already been a month! Some days it feels like it's only been a few days, and other days, I can't even really remember what life as like without you. I know EVERYBODY says that, and I used to roll my eyes when they did, but they're so right! I barely remember what it was like to not be pregnant, and now I barely remember what life was like without you in it. So you've already had a pretty eventful month. You hold your head up ALL the time. Actually, you've been holding your head up since the day you were born. It's crazy. I've never seen a newborn or infant this young not only hold their head up, but do it for minutes at a time and move their head around at the same time. You have also responded your name already. It was only once, on Jan. 2nd, but you still did it. We were laying in bed "talking" and Daddy said your name and you whipped your head around so fast, I was shocked. You were looking at him like "Yes? Can I help you?" Too cute. Nobody will believe me when I share this, but I swear on everything that it's true. You have already rolled over. On Jan. 10th if you want to know the exact date. We were laying in bed "talking" like we do every morning when we wake up, and you started to get mad. I have no idea what you were mad at, but you got pissed. Your face turned red, you made a stink face, you screamed, and as I leaned over to pick you up, you flipped yourself right over onto your belly. That royally pissed you off and you SCREAMED. I was so shocked I just sat there processing for a minute. My 4 week old just rolled over. WTH?! Your not supposed to be able to do that yet. Now every time I lay you down anywhere, you flip your whole bottom half over, but you can't quite get your arms and chest over yet. But your trying. Gabbie says your "High Average" :) So far your eyes have stayed a grey-blue color. You may get Daddy's eyes. According to the scale at home you weigh 9.2 lbs, but I  don't think that's right since you were 9lbs at your 2 week appt. 2 weeks ago. I measured you this morning and your 23 inches. You've grown almost 2 inches since you were born! I think that's a huge growth spurt! Your hair is still dark brown like Moma's and you haven't lost any of it. It's actually gotten longer in the back. You smile for real now. I know sometimes it's a gas smile, but Daddy or I can now get you to smile when we want. We'll tickle your cheeks and face, and sometimes I'll sing a silly song and that'll get you going. Oh and Keech loves you so much. Every time you cry, he runs over and licks your head until you stop. He loves your tummy time mat. Whenever your laying on it, he lays right next you on the mat. You just stare at him with this look that says you love him back. You are still clingy, and all about moma. You let daddy hold you for about 15mins a day so I can take a shower, but the second I'm out you start screaming for me. I tried putting you in your sling today, and it went much better than it did the first time. I found the instructions, and turns out I was putting you in it wrong, so that explains that. We're even going on a walk after I'm done with this. You HATE bottles. I don't know why we even try to give 'em to you.

You have such a personality baby girl. I can't wait to see you grow up to be. But don't grow too fast :) Moma and Daddy love you so much! Now we're going on a walk!

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