Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1 week old

Happy one week birthday baby girl! I can't believe it's already been a week. The cable guy definitely thought you were at least 3 weeks old. You must look humongous to other people. Lol You don't do much yet, but you already have such a personality. You've already mastered the stink eye, and you LOVE your paci. You went from hating that thing in the hospital to having a complete and utter meltdown if we can't get it in your mouth fast enough. You even hang out with your hand on top of it to ensure that it stays put. Your also a fantastic eater. You finally got this nursing thing down, and every 2 hours on the dot your ready to eat. Moma is still figuring it out, but your a champ. Your also a master burper. Although Daddy seems to be the only one who can get you to burp really well. He's also an expert swaddler, even though you aren't crazy about it. You are constantly moving your hands or fingers at all times, so when he traps your hands your get kinda pissy. You always manage to find a way to break free though. You sleep okish. You tricked us the first 2 nights you were home sleeping from 11 to 7. Then last night happened. You wouldn't fall asleep until 2.30am. The only reason you fell asleep then is b/c we dragged your swing in there and put you in that and you immediately passed out until 8.30. I nursed you and you fell back asleep until 10.45am. Moma and daddy went back to bed as well, we were exhausted. We'll see how tonight goes.
This is how you and daddy spent the morning. Madden NFL 12. Obviously it's your most favorite ever.

That one eye look your always giving. It's like you can't be bothered to open both.

Milk coma. And the ever present paci.
You had a very eventful day today to celebrate. First we went to the hospital to get your birth certificate, but the lady wasn't there. You enjoyed the long walk into the hospital and the long walk to the car, so that's something. Then we attempted to take you to see Santa and that was a disaster. You decided that the ride to see him was the perfect time to not only have a poopy diaper, but to have an explosive poppy diaper. You soaked through your onsie, tights, and sweater dress, and your carseat. We discovered the diaper disaster when you had a meltdown in the car b/c you were hungry. I tried to give you a bottle until we could stop, and you were having none of that. We finally pulled over and we pulled out the nursing cape, and got you situated, but we were both laughing hysterically the entire time.  The ridiculousness of the whole thing was so funny. I'm not exactly a breastfeeding expert yet, so trying to maneuver you and other things under that cape was interesting. Daddy helped a lot, but not until he managed to flash a car next to us. Again, ridiculous. So we finally get you fed, and we're heading to Babies R Us so we can change you, and get the stuff we need, and we drive by where Santa is supposed to be and he's not there. Gone. Packed up and already back at the North Pole. We laughed. I mean really? All that drama, and no Santa. So needless to say, you aren't seeing Santa this year. But I don't think you care, so it's all good. So we went out to eat instead, and you did wonderfully. No screaming or freaking out, and no more diaper disasters. You slept the whole time baby girl, which gave moma and daddy a chance to talk and enjoy ourselves. Our first date with you tagging along was pretty nice :) The we came home and proceeded to torture you by shoving you in stockings, and under the tree, and in different outfits to take some ghetto Christmas pictures for our cards, which are going to be late. Hopefully all this excitement will encourage you to sleep well tonight.

I can't believe it's already been a week. Sometimes it feels like I just got home, and sometimes it feels like you've always been here. Hopefully time will slow down :) We love you Charlie girl! Happy one week birthday!

xoxo, Moma & Daddy

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  1. Omgoodness!!! I have been traveling and I missed this! Congratulations!!! She is so beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  2. She is beautiful! Congratulations!