Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Pregnancy Post

We're BFF's.
Anyone who knows me, knows about my obsession with Taylor Swift, or T-Swizzle as her friends like to call her ;) (This is relevant to my pregnancy, promise!) So anyways. I missed her Speak Now tour this year b/c well, I'm knocked up and my doctor didn't think a concert at 36 weeks was a good idea. Whatever. Well, tomorrow is my girl's birthday. And guess who is getting induced tomorrow morning? This girl. That's right. It's fate. I love and adore her, so it's only fitting that the thing I love most in the world share a birthday with my musical obsession :) My mom and I think this is beyond hilarious. Especially since it kinda annoys Joe. Not in a "I'm a hateful wife" kind of way, but in a "Oh great, another reason for you to be obsessed" kind of way. He's now laughing about it, and he should. It's hilarious! It could be worse, she could share a birthday with Lindsey Lohan or something. Gag. So onto the pregnancy update! I'm going in tonight at midnight to get all settled and have some things done that I won't share here b/c I'm a prude, and tomorrow morning at 7am they're going to start my induction. I'm super excited and super freaked out all at the same time. Hopefully all goes well, we'll be able to avoid a c-section, and Charlie girl will share a birthday with Tay. If not, I'll be slightly bummed, but only b/c that will mean that we had to wait longer for her arrival :)

41 weeks 2 days Seriously?! Get out baby!

41 weeks 2 days

I can't wait to write a post saying that she's here with pictures of her! Ahh!

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  1. exciting!!! And how cool that she will share a birthday with Taylor Swift!!! Good luck with everything...I can't wait to hear your wonderful news:)

  2. bahaha. too funny! Good luck with everything!

    New follower!

  3. ok what is going on? This picture looks so real? Am I missing something? YAY for almost having the baby come into this world!!!

  4. Just found your blog through the glitz swap and am super excited... is that picture REAL?! STORY GIRL haha. p.s. hope everything goes well as you bring a baby into this world :)

  5. MUAHAHAHAHAH you are WELCOME for pointing this out so you could rub it in Joe Joe's face ahahhaha we are so evil ;) and for those asking...YES the picture is real! We met Tay on September 5, 2009 on her Fearless tour and are even in one of her music videos! Amber - you should totally do a post on our experience :) :) love you and miss you! So proud of you!!