Sunday, November 18, 2012

11 Months

My baby is 11 months old today. I can't believe how quickly time has gone by. It feels like just yesterday I was going to the hospital to give birth, and now I'm planning her first birthday party. It's crazy how time has gone by so fast. I'm so happy she's growing and thriving, but it's also heartbreaking that she's no longer my teeny tiny baby. These conflicting emotions are tricky.

Charlotte you are so big girl! Everyday you get closer and closer to walking. You've now mastered being able to stand on your own, and you even do things while just standing. You'll pull up on something, and then walk backwards until you can barely reach what's holding you up, and then you'll push off and then just stand there. You'll laugh and grin, and it's very obvious you're extremely proud of yourself. Walking still makes you nervous, and you'll take a step or two, but then you stick your arms out and dive into Moma or Dada's arms. You're getting there though.

You continue to love books. That's your favorite thing to do these days. You'll sit forever and just turn page after page. You'll point to the pictures and talk on and on. It's almost as if you're reading the story to yourself. It's too cute.

You love you a pickle. I personally think they're disgusting, but you and Dada could pickles all day, everyday. 

You continue to breastfeed regularly, and refuse a bottle. You're really too old for a bottle anyway, so that's not really an issue. You've never cared for baby food, and we're officially throwing in the towel with giving it to you. You've never had a problem with "grown-up" food, and you continue to love everything we give you except green beans. I can't get you to eat a green bean for anything.

You're sleeping much better at night now, only waking up once or twice for a quick nurse. Sometimes you don't nurse at all. That will make your transition into your crib much easier on Moma. You're getting kicked out of our bed after Christmas. I was going to do it right after your birthday, but we'll be home in NC for most of December and I realized that sleep training is probably not a good idea when you're in an environment you aren't used to.

You love to share! You're always sharing your snacks with Keech, or whoever we're with. You always offer a nibble to us, which is sweet, but I'm not crazy about slobbery yogurt bites :) Your paci is another silly thing you share. Dada taught you how to put it in your mouth backwards, and that is one of your favorite games to play. 

You've started to become attached to a Wubbie (Lovie) lately. You have your silky blanket, and Rosie the Traveling Monkey. You think Rosie is hilarious! You'll give her kisses and snuggles, and play Pat-a-Cake with her. Blankey seems to calm you. Peek-a-Boo is a favorite of course.

You have started to climb into things. Your favorites are underneath your changing table, and in the baking cabinet. The changing table b/c there's a curtain, and you'll peak your head out and laugh like a crazy person, and then pop back in and repeat. It's hilarious every time. The baking cabinet is b/c it's the only cabinet you're allowed in. I taught you how to make noise with the pots and pans, and that thrills you. Dada wasn't happy about it, but he's quickly gotten over it seeing how happy it makes you to make your own music.

You're going to be 1 year old next month, and I'm starting to freak out. Time is going too quickly. I'm excited for your party though, and all of your friends and our friends who have known you since you were born will be there to help celebrate with us.  It's helping distract me from the fact that you are no longer a baby, and more and more of a toddler everyday.

We love you bebe, and are excited for what lies ahead with you! You never cease to amaze us with your brains, charm, and just plain old silliness. You're our favorite Charlotte!
Moma & Dada
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