Monday, August 20, 2012

8 Months

Oh Charlotte,
I can't believe you are 8 months old. Every month that goes by, I'm even more shocked when the thirteenth hits than I was the month before. I can't even believe you have been with us as long as you have. It feels like you were just born, but then other days we can't remember what it was like without you. Parenthood is a strange thing babycakes. You'll understand that one day.

You are a crawling fiend! You finally figured it out, and now we can't contain you! You just want to be everywhere at once! You used to want to be held at all times, and now you squirm and fuss until we put you on the ground, and then you take off. You are all over the place! 

People love you. Everywhere we go, people stop me to talk to you and tell me how cute/beautiful/sweet etc. you are. Daddy and I obviously think you're stunning, but it's very nice and humbling to hear that other people think so too. You're such a ham when we get stopped too. You smile, and stick your hand out, and talk. You are very wary of some people though. I'm glad "stranger danger" has kicked in.

We had lots of visitors this past month, and you were a trooper the whole time. First Aunt Heather came to visit for a week, and you had a ball. You love her, and she just adores you. Then Mitch and Mari came to visit. You were kinda iffy about them the first few hours they were here, but then you opened up and were a doll. Mari loved holding you, and you made sure to behave when Mitch got his turn with you. Then Granpa and GK (Daddy's mommy and daddy) came, and oh man did they eat you up. You showed off your crawling skills, and talked their ears off. They loved being with you, and you loved having them here too. To round out our whirlwind of visitors, Uncle Jake and Josh came to visit. You had a blast with them, and they ate you up. It was funny to see those big, tough boys talk in baby voices and fall over themselves trying to hold or play with you. 

You love to read! You are always climbing on your book shelves, and pulling books off and looking at them. You're very gentle with your pages, which is amazing for your age. Half the time you prefer to "read" by yourself, so we let you. You'd spend forever reading if we'd let you. 
Yes, her shirt says "The bigger the bow, the better the moma" I couldn't agree more :)

Bath tome continues to be your favorite thing ever. You sit in your duck, and play with your toys, and you could care less about anything else going on. I usually let you play until the water gets cool, but I don't think the temperature bothers you one bit. You love family baths. Moma and Daddy have a jacuzzi tub, so when we all get in there together you splash around and have a good time. You love when we turn the jets on. You find them totally fascinating. 

You've taken every nap in your crib without issue for the last month. I'm trying to get you used to sleeping in it, b/c Daddy is ready to kick you out of our bed. I'd like for you stay, but I also know that it's time. I think you'll sleep better in your own space too. You've outgrown the middle it seems.

You pull up on EVERYTHING.  Your bookshelf, Moma, Daddy, Keech, the couch, the ottoman. You name it, you wanna see the top of it. You have always been a nosy rosy, and you continue to find ways to "know" what's going on around you.

You talk all of the time! "Dada" Mama" "Bleh" "Tshh" Ok it isn't actual words except two, but girlfriend you don't care. You talk and talk and talk! Your favorite person to talk to is Keech. And he'll just sit and listen to you, and throw in the occasional lick on your face or arms. I think you like talking to him b/c he doesn't interrupt you. 

You're getting so big! We love you so much, and can't wait to see what this new month brings our way! But slow down just a smidge, k? We love love love you Chickapea!

Moma & Daddy

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  1. OMG she is ADORABLE!!!! Love the little rolls!! Happy 8 months to your sweet baby girl!