Thursday, May 23, 2013

I confess....

I'm copying Raven and doing a confess sesh. I'msorrynotsorry if any of these offend you...

I confess... the term "God awful" really irks my nerves. What is exactly is so awful about God? And why exactly would you associate the word "awful" with God in the first place? 

I confess... it doesn't bother me one bit that people say that sometimes I act like a bitch. One of my fave sayings is "Bitches get shit done" and its true. I don't ever get taken advantage of, and people know I'm going to treat them fairly in return. I'm never un-necissarily bitchy though, only when it's called for. Example: Y'all have all heard of Lizard Lick Towing right? If not, look 'em up. Anyway, so my sophmore year of college 2 of my girlfriends and I were driving to my roommates hometown for her birthday. My friend R was driving her car, when halfway there, her car started to smoke and spit flames on this backwoods highway. Three girls stranded on the highway, 2 hours from anyone willing to come and get us. So we call AAA and they say they're sending a tow truck. Well the company, Lizard Lick, calls us and tells us that there is only room for 2 of us to ride in the truck, and one of us will have to stay behind. On the highway. Alone. At night. Are you effing kidding me?! Well I got on the phone and informed said lady that not only are they NOT leaving one of us on the highway, but that if we don't all fit, then they are more than welcome to have a taxi follow them at their expense to ensure that we all have a safe way back. Otherwise my attorney would have no problem giving them a call in just a few minutes. Do you think any of us got left behind? Nope. Because bitches get shit done.

I confess.... I totally judge people who still go to tanning beds. I know judging is wrong, but I cant help it with this one. I mean really? With all of the sunless options out there, and all the information pertaining to skin damage and CANCER, you're just plain stupid if you continue to risk it. I hope you never get cancer, but if you do, it's on you. I just don't understand....

I confess.... I totally think my kid is cuter than yours, and hers, and theirs. But I'm pretty sure every parent feels this way, so I don't really feel like I need to explain or justify this one ;)

I confess.... I've gained 7 pounds since we moved back home. 7?! I've joined a gym, but Charlotte hates it! She screams, shrieks, cries, and shakes when I drop her off at the childcare, so I just haven't had it in me to go the last few weeks. I know if I stayed consistent she'd warm up, but it's just too hard on my moma heart.

I confess.... I am SO ready to be back into our house, that I just can't stand it. We've got paint, I've started working on furniture pieces, now all that's left if for our tenants to get OUT! 

That's it for today's session of "I confess..." Any confessions y'all wanna share???

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