Monday, June 11, 2012

How do you spend your Mondays?

Mondays usually suck. They're the beginning of the work week for Joe, and the end of eating out and having no responsibilities. We managed to make ours suck less by doing something different. After dinner we took a walk as a family. We usually don't do walks since we have nowhere to walk. Our apartment complex doesn't exactly make intriguing  scenery. Just sayin. It was so nice outside we couldn't resist. We plunked the baby in the stroller, got Keech hooked up in his harness, and poured some wine. What's an evening stroll without some wine :) It was nice to spend some time together as a family before our move this week. (More to come in that later)

Ready to roll

Impatient waiting on Daddy

Taking in the sights

Watching her Keech

Typical walking shoes.


Blowing rasberries

Oh the chunk

Tellin that paci who's boss

He was watching the lighting bugs

No more, all gone :)

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