Friday, March 23, 2012

The time I met Taylor Swift

So right before Charlotte was born, I mentioned the time I got to meet Taylor Swift. (Charlotte and Tay share a birthday b.t-dubs) I posted a pic and everything, and all the comments were demanding to know if the pic was real. Oh it's real baby. Be jealous :) So here's the story of how I got to meet my most favoritest celeb!

My bff Jessica, and her good friend Chris, his mom, and I went to her Sept. 5, 2009 show of her Fearless tour in Charlotte, NC. Jessica and I spent the many weeks before STALKING the hell out of anybody who had the opportunity to meet her, and how they did it. Our ultimate goal was to get invited to the "T-Party". This is a meet and great that she does at the end of her shows that is one on one time with her. Her "people" go around during the show looking for her biggest fans that are having the best time. It's usually anywhere from 20 to 30 people, and you get uninterrupted time to just chat or whatever with her individually. This is obviously very time consuming for her, so it says a lot about the love she has for her fans. So we get to the venue like 13 hours beforehand. Not exaggerating. Our friend Morgan had made us this incredible poster, and we camped out with it where the tour buses park. We were guaranteed to be noticed this way. We spent all day camped out here. We got to meet her yoga instructor, see Gloriana pull in, and meet her tour manager. At one point, her tour manager, I think her name was Erika, came out to give out pit passes. If you get pit passes, you don't get T-Party passes. So she came up to us, explained this, and then asked us what we wanted. She was so impressed with our dedication and poster, that she gave us a choice. Like we were going to turn down T-Party passes. Please. She told us to make sure we brought in our poster, and she would find us during the show. We were beyond thrilled! Security almost didn't let us bring it in. I freaked and was all "Um no. We were told specifically by Erika to bring this in. You need to find her and ask, she'll verify. We'll wait." If you know me, you know I'm a take charge kinda person. I'm not bitchy, just firm. I make things happen. Haha. So they found Erika, and confirmed and we were let in with our poster. We spent the entire show on our feet, and when Erika found us we nearly fainted with excitement. After the show, we met with the other lucky few and we were escorted backstage. We spent our time waiting taking pictures, freaking out, and talking to her mom Andrea. Who is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met btw. We discussed her little brother, and where he was considering attending college. Wake Forest was at the top of his list, but he ended up at Notre Dame. We were the last ones to meet her, and when it was our turn we were sooo excited! I couldn't think of anything to say and blurted out "You look so tired! Are you ok?" Dude! WTH is wrong with me?! Ugh I'm such an idiot, and will probably regret that for the rest of forever. But whatevs. She was so incredibly sweet, and talked to us like she'd known us her whole life. She signed everything we asked her too, and took as many pictures as we wanted. Just ah. It was the bast day ever, and I got to spend it with the best friends ever. The pictures don't do the day justice, but I'll post 'em anyway :) And they're all out of order for whatever reason. Sorry.
Waiting to go in

Still waiting

T-Party pass :)

Backstage in the T-Party tent

Lucky #13 bracelets that J made

OMG She's here!

Moma Swift

T-Swizzle! She really does give the best hugs <3

Our amazing poster by Morgan

Totally BFF's
They say "T-Party passes? Baby just say yes!"

C- "Having Tay tattoos is Fearless" He has a tattoo that says "Fearless" on the inside of his arm, J- "Not acting your age is Fearles", Me- "Becoming an Army wife is Fearless" Our shirts, that we made, were amazing!

This where the tour buses were. We were just trying to get noticed :)

Waiting outside. This is where Erika found us.
 Like I said, amazing! And she really is as nice as she seems, it's not an act.

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  1. you left out the part where I started hysterically crying cause apparently I didn't hear her ask us which one we wanted...she kept ignoring us at first hahahaha

    "Um no. We were told specifically by Erika to bring this in. You need to find her and ask, she'll verify. We'll wait." <--this was hilarious hahaha true story.

    and you forgot to add the part where the first thing she ever said to you was "OMG YOU'RE SO PRETTY!" hahaha

    best day ever :) love you!

    1. Haha I left that tidbit out :)

      I completely forgot she said that to us! Probably the best compliment ever.