Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby Containment Devices

We have a Nosy Rosy for a baby. Sometimes this Nosy Rosy makes it incredibly difficult to get things done b/c it's the end of the world if she can't see you or what your doing. She's loved to sit up since day 1, but ya know, she can't actually do that on her own yet. We've propped her up on her Boppy, but that was no good b/c she'd slide her self down trying to get to whatever it is what she wanted. The swing is good enough for naps, but that lays down so if she's awake, she screams until she's pulled out. The bouncy seat is a no-go as well since she slides down into in a laying position. I finally put up her Johnny Jump Up and she LOVES it. According to the instructions, she's not technically not big enough for it, but I figure it's a non-issue as long as I keep my eye on her. And the Bumbo? Oh Lord! Youdda thought we told her she could have cupcakes for breakfast for the rest of her life. Don't let the pictures fool you, she was happy as a clam. She just got stink face when I pulled out the camera. 

Oh haay camera!

She wasn't happy with what was on tv

Watching Keech

Look at my big girl!

Blurry but this is how pleased she was with her seat :)

Basketball was on. She loves her some sports

Another blurry smile. She was lunging for the camera

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